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P.S.  We receive feedback on a daily basis and has also been recommended by the Wall Street Journal. Thanks to all you guys outs there who has taken the time to send in your wonderful feedback.  Sorry we can't post them all but they are  all as equally important as it keeps our staff highly motivated. Please keeping sending them in. We love hearing from you.
                                       Thanks  a million
Excerpts pasted from e-mails....and pictures received

Hello Nadia!
I'm sure you remember me in Massachusetts... recently ordering and receiving
delivery to my son in another part of Massachusetts.  He tells me the barrel
lampshades are perfect and he sent me a picture of them so I could see them.
They look wonderful.  My son even commented on the packaging.  I'm going to
try and send you the picture with this e-mail and I want to thank you so
much for your most courteous way of doing business.  I am so pleased how
quickly you got the shades out and to my son's home.  I can't wait to see
them in person!

Thanks so much,
Evelyn Gadomski,
Marlboro,  MA

My shade came yesterday (that was fast!) and it�s perfect.  The workmanship is excellent and the dimensions exact.  It does just what I hoped it would � it warms up the light from a glaringly white halogen bulb.  The lamp is an old Bradley and Hubbard and the shade suits it admirably.  Thank you for your careful and lovely service and best wishes for your continued success.
Noel Shapard Dowling,
New York,  NY

Hello, Scott and Marie from CT here. The two shades arrived Friday afternoon extremely well packed,in fact the boxes have found their way into my shop for use!!! We are VERY pleased with the shades,the shape and color are perfect. Thanks to all who helped us (me) with my questions. We will send pictures of the lamps.  Thanks again-Scott

The shades arrived on Friday!  We couldn't believe it!  Talk about great service on your end!
As we speak, a package from me to you is being driven to the Post Office.  (Had to tell you before I forgot.  This mind of mine.)
Pictures just never seem to do justice, do they.  This living room, dining room, kitchen combination type with open ceiling was the perfect spot.  (But couldn't get far enough away to show you the whole thing.  You will see.)
We feel the shades are perfect.  And do a great justice to the dining room area.  And have even become the focal point when you walk in.  Maybe because they are new, you know.
Many many compliments to you and your crew.  We are your new cheering section!
Thank you again.   Hugs,  
Barbara Tompkins
Templeton,  CA

Barbara is definitely one of the sweetest customers we have had.  She is also a talented woman who runs a custom handbag shop in Templeton, CA.  The package she referred to above contained six of her tapestry handbags which she made for each one of our girls.  The bags were beautiful and unique, but most of all the craftsmanship was impeccable.  We highly recommend her if you are in the market for a custom made handbag.  You may visit her via this link:  www.2bags.com

I just received the three lampshades that you made for me. I am thrilled with the results. The workmanship and quality are superb. And they arrived more quickly than I expected.
I know that one fitting in particular posed a challenge, but you rose to the occasion. Many thanks and I will not only make use of your services in the future, but will recommend you to everyone.  Thank you.            
                                   Julie English
                                  Warwick,  NY
P.S. I also must comment on the manner in which you packaged the shades for shipment. They were safe and secure and I was  particularly happy NOT to see a load of unrecyclable Styrofoam fall out of the boxes , onto the floor and everywhere else!
You have a fabulous website. It is quite user friendly. But the most important part of your online presentation is that you have such a wide variety of styles and materials! I am sending a shot out to you...... Kudos!!

 Sandra E Lewis
Chicago  IL

ALL PERFECT~! Thank you!! And thank you for the discount, my friend will appreciate that.

I have known her all my life, since birth..( I am 46 years old,) and 4 years ago, she lost her only daughter, from tongue cancer, at the age of 40...  This woman, of 81 years old,has only one living relative, her 47 year old son...... and has NEVER complained about anything, always looks on the brighter side of things...

I devote the first Wednesday of every month to be at her service,, whether it be to take her to a different town, to visit old friends that have moved away, to catching a movie at the local theater with her, or to take her to the town hall meeting... what ever she may want, where ever she may want to go, I am there for her once a month. At times she tells me I just sounded like her daughter...

So one day I took her shopping for shades, for 2 1950's lamps that she has. The shades were stained, and tanned with the years... No stores had anything like what she wanted to replace. She wanted the exact same thing, and could not understand why these places would not custom make them for her....

I coaxed her to leave, and I promised her that I would do the shopping for her, in my state.. (I live in NY, and she lives in NJ...)

Low, and behold, I sat in front of pages and pages of lamp store websites one evening, and finally came across your site. You had the most reasonable prices, and wonderful service, as I got the swatches, for my friend, and this helped her  get even more excited that I found a place that would make them.  She said to me, that this is going to be her treat for her 82nd birthday.  Thank you for making it a memorable one~

Desi Scheck

Hi Miss Nadia,
Here are a couple of photos of a shade doing what it does best. Great work...
Jimmy Ray


I received my order today and just wanted to tell you how
beautiful the lampshade came out. It is the third one you
made for me this month. Anyone can see that you take pride
in your work. A rare thing today. I will tell one and all of the
great work you do and your commitment to customer service.
Hope to do business with you again soon.
Thank you,
Peter Dagnessa
Lynbrook,  NY

Dear Nadia, and all the staff at The Lampshade Shop,
Thank you so much for the great repair you did on my lampshade. It is wonderful !! And a special thank you for doing the gold trim like the original, that was a pleasant surprise. Attached is a picture of it in place on the lamp. You may certainly use it on your web page if you would like.
                                                        Brian Pierce     

Dear Nadia,
I just received 2 of my Lampshades, I want you and your workers that I am so very impressed with the wonderfull job they did. I can see they take pride in their work. The work and the service is outstanding and they can be very proud of their work. I love the shades!!!!! They look absolutely great. Even the way they were packed was outstanding!!!!! If you ever need a reference or testimonial just let me know and I will give it! Your service has been so great !Thank you so very much. I know the other shade will be here later on because of my not sending the right amount of the trim and I will be able to fix that.
Thank you again.

The Lampshades Shop shouldn't be your last stop -- it should be your only
stop!  The prices are incredible, the service is very friendly and personal,
and the quality is top-notch.  I was quoted $130 for a custom shade in a
very busy and popular local shop that I instead got from The Lampshades Shop
for only $35 plus S&H.  With the help over the phone we built the shade
perfectly and it's now installed beautifully in our living room.  Thank you
so much!!!
Troy Teeboom Washington, DC

I just placed my order for 2 lampshades...
I think your website is outstanding!
It is by far the best resource for lampshades, on-line or in-store that I've
ever seen!
It's educational, has great variety, has straightforward ordering and
products are well priced.

Thank for providing these products!
Linda Pick
Bedford, New York

I can't believe how responsive you are and how helpful.  In this era of non-service, I am delighted with your customer service.

Thanks so much- the shade arrived this afternoon and looks wonderful on the lamp.  It goes very well with both the other lamp in the room and with the furniture.  It is very well constructed and I am very pleased.  I have been talking to friends about your wonderful service and now I can brag about quality work as well.

A pleased customer,
                                                                        Roberta Roswurm
                                                                                                                    Shingle Springs,  CA

Just a quick note to say thank you for a job well done. I received my order a few days ago, and am very happy with your work. The custom Lamp Shade was carefully crafted, fits perfectly and looks great. I hope your company fares well.

Thanks again,
                                                                           Joe Saylor
                                                                                                                         Roslindale,  MA

Whoa!!!! My Lamp Shade arrived today and is it MAJOR nice or what!!  I
love it, to say the very least. :  It looks wonderful in the den/office room.  Mega thanks for the wonderful job you did for me.  I won't be forgetting you & your shop anytime soon, that's for sure. :-)Will be calling on you again, sometime in the future.
Please don't go away as WE NEED YOU!!!

 Thanks again,
                                                                             Bev Roesler
                                                                             Towson,  MD
  I just want to let you know that I have received the Lamp Shades as
of today, Thursday, as predicted by you. I want to thank you very much
for the time and effort that undoubtedly went into fabricating these shades, judging from their quality and enhanced workmanship.
   Please be advised, that if the need should once again arise, there will
certainly be no hesitation on my part to once again, call upon the services of  The Lampshade Shop.

                                                                             Tom Stacy
                                                                             Hillsborough,  NJ

LOVE YOUR WEBSITE.... thought I died and went to Lamp Shade heaven....     
                                                                             Lynda Stein
                                                                             Hallandale,  FL

Iris Stonehouse Bed and Breakfast  New York
At last a picture of your lampshade and our lamp...we are very happy with it...
Jim & Betty

Ohmygod, that shade looks PERFECT!  I can't believe it, it's exactly what we're looking for.  I want to show it to my husband tonight, but it looks perfect. � And the price is fine - I'm so pleased, & Nadia - you have truly gone the extra mile on this.  I'll be in touch tomorrow �
                                                                             Dana Lesinger
                                                                            Hollister,  CA

I received the Lamp Shade and my daughter is extremely happy with it.  Thanks for the time and effort you put into this project.  Also, she sends you her thanks for the pig figurine.  Take care.

                                                                         Richard Lazuta
                                                                         Westbury,  NY

Thank you for the update on the Lamp Shade.  You have been so helpful from the very beginning, you can be sure I will recommend you to all my peers who took the painting class with me.  If they still are looking for a particular shade, they won't have to look any longer!

Thanks again,
                                                                     Janet Arsenault
                                                                      Fitchburg,  MA

I just received the Lamp Shade I ordered for my daughter's room, and it was a complete hit!!!  Your work was wonderful and the color came out perfect. Thanks so much for all your help.  I'll certainly be sending my friends your way.
                                                                     Ellen Kurland Feldman
                                                                     Alpharetta,  GA

The shade arrived, and it's PERFECT.  Thanks so much!  I'll be sure to tell my friends.

                                                                      Ron Duby
                                                                      Provincetown,  MA

Received the Lamp Shade today and I am pleased with it.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

My best,
                                                                     Shelley Wilson
                                                                     Marquand,  MO

Alexander  Isley  Redding,  CT